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Happy Diwali Greetings!

Wish you all a Happy Diwali!

A visit to Kanakakunnu Palace in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

My elder sister wanted me to visit her at Thiruvananthapuram before her proposed international trip. I took the chance to visit the tourist spots there, when she was still there so that I could enjoy a free accommodation:)

Her driver took us to many tourist spots, where he was familiar with. Among them, I was lucky to get a chance to visit the famous Kanakakunnu Palace, situated in the heart of the city on the crest of a small hill surrounded by meadows and grooves. Now it is under the custody of Kerala Government. This famous palace was used by the Travancore royal family to entertain their guests in the earlier days.

Entrance to the Palace

This stunning piece of architectural excellence was constructed during the reign of King Sree Moolam Thirunal (1885-1924). Later, during the period of King Chithira Thirunal, one of the most popular rulers of the erstwhile princely state of Travancore, modified it and constructed tennis courts in the premises, and used it as a summer retr…

Different Names for Goddess

On my recent weekend holidays, I came to know the different names of Goddess Lakshmi. There are 16 names by which Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. Did you know this? If not, read on......

Adi Mahalakshmi is worshipped as the Main core of all the Lakshmis

Arogya Lakshmi is worshipped for Good Health

Jnana Lakshmi is for gaining self-knowledge

Keerthi Lakshmi is worshipped to achieve Fame and name

Medhalakshmi is for Brilliance

Pushti Lakshmi is for good Health and Courage

Samrajya Lakshmi for success in profession and career

Santhana Lakshmi for progeny

Shanthi Lakshmi for getting Peace of mind

Shakthi Lakshmi for achieving Power

Soundarya Lakshmi for Beauty

Soubhagya Lakshmi for All Blessings in life

Thushti Lakshmi for Contentment

Veera Lakshmi for Courage

Vidya Lakshmi for acquiring good Education

Vijaya Lakshmi for achievement of Success