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Visit to Hampton Court Palace

On a Sunday forenoon we decided to drive to the famous historical Hampton Court Palace, located at Richmond upon Thames, a quaint little British river village.

The Palace was very impressive with the incredible architecture throughout. Also known for Tudor King Henry VIII, who had married six times, and dispensed his wives. Hampton Court was the home of King Henry VIII and other British monarchs until the 18th century.

People dressed in period costumes posed with the tourists, providing them the feeling of the King's period.

The gardens are also very beautiful.

Please read this for more information. Hampton Court Palace.

Spring in London

I was always fascinated by London, one of the most historical and cultural cities in the world, and looked forward for a visit. Finally when I reached here in winter I was not that fascinated because of the weather. It was bitter cold outside, and on some days snowing heavily, which took about 4-5 days to clear off. When I looked through the window I used to see the whole landscape carpeted with snow. I always stayed indoors, and seldom went out. But still I enjoyed watching the snow flakes falling down through the window.

After the bitter winter days in London, the beautiful spring has arrived like a blessing. Some empty trees are becoming greener and other trees are turning into beautiful colors filled with new flowers. If you take a stroll or travel on the road you can see the colorful flowers staring out enthusiastically from every garden, as if they are greeting you with a warm smile.

We started visiting interesting places on weekends. The city is bursting with rich heri…