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Book Review

It is widely said that if the first few lines of a book fails to grab your attention the reader may not be willing to take the risk of going forward with the book. Whenever I take a book to read I too will see whether it can create an interest in me, which usually, takes just few minutes of reading one or two pages. In a short story book by a single author, though the stories are different, reading the first story will give you an impression about the author's ability to take you forward or not. By reading the first story "Conversation" in the Short Story book "Nesting of Thoughts" by Kakuli Nag, intrigued me to go forward to read the remaining stories. Most of the stories of this book were previously published online; each one is unique and interesting. These stories demonstrate a very different side of the mind and the way people think. Mumbai Monsoon and Knowing jajima are my favorites in this book. I feel that as an upcoming writer, Kakuli Nag has blend…