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Two Interesting Quotes on Writing

"Any fiction should be a story. In any story, there are three elements:
Persons, a situation, and the fact that in the end something has changed.
If nothing has changed, it isn't a story."
- By Malcom Cowley "When you start writing, the magic comes when the characters seem to take on a life of their own and write the words themselves." - By Alice Hoffman

Cherished - Coming Soon!

Cherished is my second novel. Grishma, accompanied by her father and four month old baby, boards the train to Delhi join her husband, to surprise him with an unexpected visit. She dreams a happy family life with him. Little does she know that her journey will end in havoc to her life. 19 years later, Grishma's daughter Jyothi, longing for her father's love and support and a family reunion determines to search for her father, despite her mother's strong protests. She succeeds in her mission, but will Praveen accept her as his daughter? This is the heartwarming story of Jyothi's pursuit of parental love, which she considers as her legitimate right.

Websites to promote your E-books

There are several places on the internet where you can promote your ebooks. I came to know about this long list of places just by accident. I'm sure this list will be helpful to many others too.I have not tried any of these, but soon I'm going to try at least some of them.…

Reading a kindle book without a kindle

Recently I was discussing about some kindle books with my friends, and some of them didn't know that those who do not own a kindle cannot read the kindle books. Kindle It should not be a problem. I had recently found out that even if you do not have a kindle you can easily read it on your computer. Amazon has made the kindle ebooks in such a way that they can be read on as many Apps as possible such as smart phones, computers and tablets. To know about this, go to your amazon home page, and click on "Books" under Shop by Department the left side menu and click on "Kindle". Under this you can see "Kindle Apps & Resources" and below this, you will find "Free Kindle Reading Apps". Choose your preferred apps for reading. While reading a kindle ebook on your PC you have the advantage of changing the font size, background colour, brightness, and number of words per line etc. Though I own a kindle I prefer sometimes to read it on the co…