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Weekend at Zanzibar Island

We spent a weekend at Zanzibar Island, a part of Union Republic of Tanzania, in East Africa.

Zanzibar is a tourists' paradise. People from all over the globe reach there just to enjoy the beauty of the Island, relax in the white sandy beaches, and see the spice gardens.

Stone town, the capital city of Zanzibar is a historic town and now a UNESCO world heritage site. Read more here.

From Tanzania

I'm here in Tanzania for few days with my daughter's family. I had a chance to see some of the places here at Dar es Salaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania.

Above: people relax at the beach on Indian ocean (taken from the moving car)

above - a cute little girl who had accompanied her parents to the mall pauses for a photo for us. we had asked for their permission before clicking.

Above: front of the shopping mall

Above: A cute little girl is getting her face painted in the shopping mall.