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Book Review – The Diary of a Young Girl - By Anne Frank

Book Review – The Diary of a Young Girl - By Anne Frank I wanted to read this book for quite some time. Then suddenly my daughter presented me with this book during her recent visit. Once I started reading it I found it difficult to keep it down. This remarkable book is a personal diary of a teenage girl, during her stay with her family in a hidden place in Amsterdam, during World War II. Anne Frank, a Jewish girl from a well to do family, who was merely 13 years old, when her family had to go and live in a secret place with their two teenage daughters, leaving everything behind. The life was filled with anxiety. Along with them, there were four more people, who joined them in the hidden place- Annie’s father’s business partner, his wife and their son Peter, and a dentist. Anne was presented with a diary on her 13th Birthday, which she named Kitty, and wrote everything that came to her mind without any hesitation, as if Kitty was her best trusted friend. She…

Happy Vishu

Today, April 14th, is Vishu festival. It is also the New Year of Keralites. The main features of this festival are - Vishukkani, the golder flower called konna poo, vishukkaineetam, vishu sadhya etc. The day begins with Vishukkani (Click here). You can also check out this page for more info. Significance of Vishu(Click here) Wish you all a happy vishu.