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The Rejuvenating Yoga Camp

On a cool Thursday afternoon we left for Kollegal, a town in Chamarajnagar District of Karnataka. We were three students and our Yoga Master, to attend a 4 days Yoga camp.

I always wanted to experience the fascinating world of Yoga. When I got a chance to enroll at our own residental campus I didn't think twice. After a continuous training of 2 months, we were advised to attend the Yoga Camp. Only few of us were able to attend the Camp, and few others were planned to attend the next camp at Kolar. (Such camps are held frequently, in different locations).

In Kollegal, we had a memorable time. The organizers (Pathanjali Yoga Sikshana Samithi)of the camp were cheerful and energetic, with full of life, committed to do their best for the society in spreading the awareness of yoga and its magical effects on your mind, body and soul. The participants were from the nearby districts and varied from the age groupof 18-70 years, numbering about 150. They belonged to different professions, students to housewives to medical doctors.

The members of the Samithi taught Yoga to any one who is interested to learn more about it and to get the benefits to self and teach others as well. All of them had their own jobs for their livelihood since they were not collecting fee for teaching yoga. Still they were totally dedicated and committed to teach yoga to the aspiring students after their professional time. They have branches in many parts of Karnataka and even outside like Mumbai.

Detailed lectures and demonstration of various asanas and Pranayama by prominent exponents of Yoga, and a procession through the town of Kollegal by the yoga team, to spread the awareness of Yoga, were the major highlights of the Yoga Camp.

Our mobile phones and cameras were deposited with them as soon as we reached there, as per their requirement, and were returned after the camp. It was required as we were expected to give our total attention towards it. Thus we were totally disconnected from the world, except for emergency, for three days and nights. Basic accommodation and healthy food were also provided for free, by the organizers.

Just a few snaps of the event are here which were clicked after we got back our cameras and mobiles, at the time of leaving the rejuvenating camp.

We returned home revitalized and relaxed, with a determination to make Yoga as a part of our daily life.


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