Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Second Choice - a novel

I recently launched "The Second Choice", my debut novel in English. Though it was started long ago, it was completed recently, and got it published by a small publisher Songbyrde Publications. I didn't want to spend further time by sending it to several big publishers and wait indefinitely for a response. Since publishing has become much easier now I took the shorter route. It is also available as ebook.

For more info - check here.


Amit Charles said...


keep it goin;)

shooting star said...


shooting star said...

hey maybe u can send me a copy too!!!

just kidding...will check out in stores

travelmuse said...

Since I had taken a long time to complete the novel I didn't want to wait further going through the big publishers to see it published. Instead, I settled with a small publisher. But they can't do much marketing like the big publishers. So it may not be available in all the stores like the other books, However, by the end of August, it will be available on major online book distributors like flipkart, indiaplaza, infibeam etc. Right now it is available with few bookstalls in Bangalore and others have to buy from online here. It is also available in form. If you have a problem me, through this.