Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Top 6 ways to stay creative

A Happy New Year to you all.

It is a problem for every writer to remain creative. Every one will have their own methods to stay creative. These are my top methods to remain creative.

1. When I'm tired or bored I just get away from my computer for a while and take a walk inside the house or sometimes outside. After I come back I feel refreshed and creative again.

2. Sometimes I switch on the television and spend about 15 to 30 minutes with my favorite channel. If I am writing a fiction I'd watch a serial. If I'm in the midst of a travel article I'd be interested to watch a travel channel, which will soon bring me back to my writing mood. I also write children's stories. If I'm stuck up with the story, watching a channel for the kids would be all that I need to get back to my mood.

3. Drinking a cup of tea or a glass of juice is another way of recharging my mind. sometimes I'd also munch something in between.

4. If I'm completely exhausted and realize that my mind is empty I'd be very glad to spend some time with my dear ones either at home or over the phone. After the change of thoughts when I return to my computer I will be more energized to continue my writing.

5. Sometimes a complete relaxation on the bed is a great way to get back to my creative mood.

6. Some other times I just stand in the balcony of my flat and listen to the conversation going on outside, or observe the surroundings and people. Many times I found it highly useful to get back to my writing mood.

Now please share your methods to stay creative. I'm sure you will have your own methods to stay creative. Some of them may be useful to me and my readers.

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