Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Blue Umbrella - A Review

I was always a great fan of Ruskin Bond. Recently I read his book "The Blue Umbrella". Though it is categorized as children's book I too enjoyed reading it.

It is a beautifully written simple story of little Biniya set in a small village in Himachal Pradesh. A young tourist takes a fancy for her bead necklace with a leopard amulet and exchanges it with a blue umbrella, which soon makes the little girl the center of attraction in the village. The shop keeper of the village named Ram Bharosa eyes on her blue umbrella and plans to steal it from her.

"The old man had by now had given up all hope of ever possessing Biniya's umbrella. He wished he had never set eyes on it. Because of the umbrella he had suffered the tortures of greed, the despair of loneliness. Because of the umbrella, people had stopped coming to his shop!"

Read the book to find out how the old man and the little girl become friends again.

The story is beautifully illustrated with sketches and spreads into 86 pages. The story tells us how innocent children are and how they can forgive others.


Grandma to Twins + One said...

I'm glad to hear that another adult likes some children's books. The help remind us how innocent children are.

Thanks for following me, I'm following you back. I'm about to post a giveaway for After All by Vanessa Morgan.

Grandma to Twins + One said...

I need to make a correction to my earlier comment. The book the giveaway is for is actually A Good Man, not After All.

Sorry for the confusion.
Here's a direct link to the giveaway

shooting star said...

there is also a film made on this :)