Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tips for Writing Better

Writing about naked emotions in a story is not easy. All the successful writers tell us "Don't tell, show the emotions in your writing."

What does it mean? If we tell the emotions the readers won't feel resonated with it. Some readers may get annoyed by reading what is happening in the story, instead they want to feel the emotions what the character in the story goes through which can be done only through the way we describe what happens while experiencing the emotions.

Bet it happy, or pain or angry. If we want to convey the emotion to our readers we must feel it as we write.

Every one will talk about this, but very few will show us with examples. The article link given below shows you the examples, and I feel that it may be of help to many serious writers.

Interested to know more about it? Read this informative article about conveying the emotions to the readers, written by Mary Jaksch,Editor-in-Chief at

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